validaTors cluster
Thanks to deep integration within Solana, Boca Chica leverages Solana PoS consensus as the pathway to create a new token-less modus operandi. It works on the underpinnings of Solana Validators and their immediate involvement within the Staking Reward System.
how to become a partner validator?
apply for participation
pass the selection
sharing information about the platform on social networks
get partner status
Validate nodes on the solana mainnet
average node online time more than 90%
less than 11% stake in one data center
active social networks
posts, tweets, content support of BOcachica
active stake from 150K SOL
selection criteria to become a partner
Attention! Even if you operate not on the Solana mainnet, but on the testnet, you can apply. We support small validators in their aspiration to be full-fledged participants in the ecosystem
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